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allan carillon.psdThe Early Years

After a lifelong interest in radio broadcasting I started as a volunteer presenter, engineer and fundraiser with Carillon Radio (a hospital radio station) in 2007. Carillon Radio served the hospitals at Loughborough and Coalville primarily, using AM (medium wave) transmitters in the hospital grounds.

 My main signature programme was "Easy Sunday", which was deemed the breakfast show on a Sunday morning. Originally it was a generic programme able to be repeated as and when, but it was changed to a “semi-live” show which was recorded for a specific date. The idea of this format was to be able to promote the groups fundraising activities for the week ahead. The target of this information was the overspill audience listening outside of the hospitals’ grounds on AM. It was an audience you could not address directly, but a country fayre, for example, is the same to listeners inside and outside of the hospitals.

To record the programme meant a weekly trip to the Loughborough studios, but as I was self employed at the time, it was not always convenient. I subsequently discovered that, with a modest outlay, I could record programmes from home quite easily. I started recording programmes from home a year or so later and have carried on ever since.

I left Carillon Radio and ventured into the big wide world of internet radio. Initially I teamed up with good friends Rob and Charlotte Polland who were also starting out on this adventure. We all provided programmes for NWL Radio, based at Castle Rock High School, Coalville. I also helped with the technical issues, not that they need much, as there are several whizzes behind the scenes.


In April 2010 Radio Horton, Banbury, also started to take "Easy Sunday", and I was really pleased when Station Manager, Stewart Green, asked me to extend it in January 2013. Stewart has also commissioned several 2 hour specials for Christmas, Easter and so on, which I did with a fellow home broadcaster, Rob Polland. Thanks for the vote of confidence Stewart.

In June 2014 Bay Trust Radio and Auckland Hospital Radio started to take Easy Sunday. Many thanks to John Williamson and Simon Temby.

It was a great privilege to be asked to Radio Horton's 50th Birthday weekend in July 2014. I thoroughly enjoyed presenting a 3 hour live show with Station Manager Stewart Green, and also meeting several other volunteer broadcasters.

In August 2014 Radio Broadgreen, Liverpool started to take Easy Sunday. Big thank you to Paul Watters.

In September 2014 Wave Radio, Elgin started to take Easy Sunday. Cheers to Craig Wilson.

Also in the Autumn, Southern Sound, Glasgow started to take Easy Sunday. Thanks to Graham Clark.

Early in 2015 Stewart Green commisioned another programme for Radio Horton which I called Rewind 5-6-7; NWL Radio also agreed to broadcast it.

In August 2015 Puritans Radio, Banbury started transmissions, and also broadcast both the programmes. Thanks to Stewart Green.

In 2017 I found my old mate Rob Polland was starting a new online radio station - True Sound 101. What was really special is when he asked if he could take Easy Sunday.

In August 2017, Retrosounds Radio started to broadcast Easy Sunday, big thankyou to Mal Price.

In 2018 two stations undergo name changes: NWL Radio becomes Apollo Radio, and AHR becomes PBHR (Prince Bishops Hospital Radio). Good luck to both stations.

Sadly, in June 2018 True Sound 101 will be closing due to poor general listenership. Sorry to see you go guys.

When one door closes.......another opens! Easy Sunday is proud to be associated with Hospital Radio3 in Sydney Australia. Pleased to be working with Phillip Dove.

In April 2019 I was pleased to be working alongside Brian and Malcolm at Faithful Radio based in Martham Norfolk.

In May 2019 I have set up an account at Mixcloud to allow catch up of the programme.

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